If You Hate Scenery, Pass This By.

It’s been a week and a day since I left Smithers. After driving North for six hours, we unloaded the pick up and ate some fries and I hoisted my duffel, backpack and trusty ol’ gumboots in the back of a floatplane and clambered in. Then we flew, and this is what I saw:

Green Mountains

Grey Mountains

There’s a lot of nothing in the Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park. And by ‘nothing’, I mean Three things: mountains, rivers, and lakes.

There’s a great variety of mountains. There are green mountains, grey mountains, bluish mountains and red mountains. There are sloping shield mountains, pointy classic mountains, and volcanic mountains that make it look like you’re flying over a deserted planet from space.

I forgot to mention that the reddish mountains are an important part of this place. ‘Spatsizi’ means ‘Land of the Red Goats’ in the local native language. When the goats roll in the red dust of the mountains, their hide turns red and hence the name.

The Stikine River
So Many Wildflowers!

Two days ago now I had a chance to explore the trails out back of camp. I found the river, some ponds, a meadow and a creek. ‘Twas fun. I took some pictures just for you, dear blog readers! Everybody likes pictures!

At least, everybody likes interesting pictures…I’m not such a fan of scenic shots myself. Can’t say you weren’t warned though! All you scenic-haters, if you made it this far, good job! I stuck a picture of my furry companion in just for you ; )

Looking Westwardly, We Discover a Tiny Tributary.
Up the Creek
Lots of land, lots of sky.
My Pal Reid
Smiling Self-portraits Get Real Old Real Fast…
The view from my window one evening.

Yep. It’s pretty gorgeous up here. I do spend a lot of time looking at the end of a toilet brush or a sink full of dishes, but I thought you might appreciate these views more.

Signing off in search of slumber,

~Anna Brown

4 Comments Add yours

  1. What beautiful country. It would be great to explore…if Reid is with you. 😉 I don’t want you running into bears, moose or crazed red goats! Miss you. 🙂 Love the pics.

  2. auntie Becca says:

    We miss you Anna!!!
    You know we have toilet brushes and dishes for you too…you didn’t have to leave….

  3. Rosie says:

    Beautiful pictures Anna! You are a very brave young lady! But what an experience. Auntie Becca just has to know the toilet brushes up where you are are much more exciting!!!!

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