A Date with Kate: A Kickoff to Fall

I’m going to bed smelling like dirt and applesauce. I think that’s a sign of a good day.

I suppose I could shower, but I strongly dislike the activity, so I’m going to push that off till tomorrow. Hooray for procrastination!


But anyways…

I’m going to bed smelling strange because today I spent with Kate.

Kate is a good friend of mine. She has some great stories too! Some will make you laugh (guarnteed) and some might make you cry, but most are for her to share and not me. She tells them best in real life because that’s when you experience her friendly face and perky personality.  However, you can also read about a significant part of her life over the last year by clicking HERE to see her blog.

We’ve been friends for 14 years this September. We met in Grade 2 when we were both the new girls at  school we went to. Along with my cousin KS, we made up the Three Musketeers and had many an escapade worth retelling, but not here and now.

Now, I have a lot of great friends in my life, but Kate has a special role in my life:

She’s my Adventure Pal.

Together we’ve had more than a few quests and tales. We’ve sailed a tall ship,  canoed the Bowrons, endured soccer runs, traversed high school, felled trees, built fires, slept under the stars and pushed quads out of mud. She’s the one I’ve dropped from a bunk bed and dumped in the creek and somehow she still lets me hang out with her!

Today, however, we did none of that.


Oh yes we did!
*Note: She’s not kneeling.                                                                                          That’s just some thigh-deep mud right there!

Wait – Credit where credit is due – Kate found a mudhole, and then shared the secret spot with me. It was thrilling.

Thick, solid, and deliciously smooth, this one one heckuvagood mudhole! The suction from my heels as I tread in one place was a perfect imitation of a whoopie cushion, bringing me too much joy and delight. 7 year old boy humour never ceases to amuse me…

We got dirty.

The Feet of Friends
The Feet of Friends

And maybe almost a little stuck…

It was a good time; a relaxed adventure of just the two of us on a hot and sunny end-of-summer day, cooling off after…

…an afternoon of APPLE PICKING! 

They look pretty cheerful to me, for being crab-apples...
They look pretty cheerful to me, for being crab-apples…

Oh yes! We pack the activities in on our Saturday afternoons! We like to be productive.
That’s one of the things I really like about hanging out with Kate.  We work well together, which is a quality I’m learning never to take for granted!

We’re making applesauce. Lots and lots and LOTS of it!

I’m looking forward to eating the warm smooshy stuff right after we smush it, but also to the satisfying stocking of our freezer, seeing our efforts turn into something tangible, and the time spent with Kate and anyone else around with a hand to chop, boil, or smoosh.

What a contraption
It’s not as complicated as it looks…

All in all, it was a wonderful day.

But, why am I really telling you all this?

It’s not just because I want to chronicle a good day,
It’s because I value friends. 

It’s because I love life. (Most of the time.)

It’s because I know that tomorrow isn’t promised so you better find the mudholes today.
(Or whatever sunny Saturday you happen to come across one.)

I feel like this was a great way to kick off my fall; a new season literally, but also in my life. I’m taking (yes, another) year off school so that I can focus on life.

I want to be intentional in connecting with people. I don’t want schoolbook distractions, rather I want to learn to live and love well. Isn’t that more important anyways? Isn’t that kind of what life is about? Loving people?

That’s what I want to do. I want to listen, to love, and I want to Be.
To breathe and make bread and pick apples and wallow in mud.

I’m ready to make some memories. Are you?


P.S. I almost forgot –

On the way back from the mudhole, we had to walk through gross stagnant river water.
Ew! There were green things in there!

This photo shows how impressed I am about that.

a) Wet. B) Cold. C) Slimy. Gross.
I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Mudhole memories do come with slime, beware…

6 Comments Add yours

  1. My best friend & I used to love the mud. The bottom of the Hart ski hill used to have great mud holes, back in the day. Great memories, love her dearly to this day! 🙂

    1. Anna says:

      I think everyone should have a good mud memory, don’t you? : )

      1. Many, it’s good to have many.

  2. Edith Howarth says:

    Nathan and his friend David used to go to Allison Lake just north of town by 1/2hr and dig into the clay at the side of the lake, then fill with water and throw the clay back and stomp in that ubntil it was incredibly smooth and mooshy and very sticky! Loved this blog my friend! of course all your blogs or so incredibly interesting… what can I say, thanks for being my friend and taking the time to invest in my life!

    1. Anna says:

      Both brothers and I would do something similar with the garden hose and garden. It entertained us for hours!

      Thanks for taking the time to keep following my life. I appreciate your friendship as well. It’s not every paint store I can walk into like a drowned rat and stay to chat a while!

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