ThrowBack Thursday: B is for Backpack

To aid in combatting my constant struggle against perfection and lack of discipline (particularly in finishing things) I have decided to embrace the Throw-Back Thursday. In order to enlighten you to my shenanigans of the past year, each Thursday will highlight something of the past year of my life. This one I wrote just over a fortnight ago as part of a series I never started enough to even think about finishing.

I have a number of backpacks in my closet. My favourite is the black Deuter. It’s designed for comfort, making it my go-to for long airplane rides, hikes and bike rides.

An Outing with Elise
An Outing with Elise

I managed to use it a few times this spring, mostly on outings of impromptu weiner roasts. [Like the time Elise (of Upstairs) and I built a fire on a cliff. But that’s another story.] It’s great for stuffing extra mittens, licorice, or collapsable roasting sticks in while on the way out the door.

A Solo Study Session

The Deuter is followed closely in preference by my new (as of September) school rucksack. I used it nearly every day this year, and it’s the perfect size – not too big, not too small.  I love the distinct, deep rustic orange colour. Plus, this bag really reminds me of Elise. We’re backback twins!

It makes me giggle when we walk through the university together with matching backpacks, like two grade 1 friends in big school halls.

Recently, while lending a hand in the Housekeeping department here,  I had the pleasure of using another type of pack:

The BackPack Vac!
Snazzy Vac

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a jetpack (but I pretend it is). This nifty invention makes vacuuming one step closer to being hassle-free! It plugs directly into the wall so the user doesn’t have to lug the bulky vaccuum behind them and around furniture as they clean. For people with less-than-refined agility (like me) it offers a pleasing alternative to the R2D2 Industrial Vacs. One less object to trip over in a room? I’m all in.

Plus, it makes me look like I belong in the Jetsons.
Or Ghostbusters.
Or a spaceship.

Who knew housekeeping could be so much fun?


the real reason I have backpacks on the mind is a conversation I had with a fellow here at RockRidge. We talked of writing and blogging and he made a cool point when I discussed my lack of direction in the writing world.

“I like your blog.” He said. “I liked the way you show your world, especially in Mongolia. It felt like I was in your backpack and got to watch over your shoulder as I went along for the ride.”

Along for the ride. I liked that.


See, I don’t always know where I’m going, but it’s nice to know people are happy to clamber aboard, peek over my shoulder, and see what they can. It’s a way of joining me. And me joining  you – because it’s not all about me. I get to join your journeys too through your comments, support, and shared experiences. I love that.

So here: let’s put on the blogging backpack again. You’re welcome to climb in if you’d like.

We might have some adventures: airplane rides or wiener roasts, and we’ll likely have the everyday sort of stuff too. I really don’t know what this trip might look like – bizarre, practical, or familiar – but who knows! If we’re lucky we may even find a jetpack or two.

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